Wedding first dance

Wedding First Dance

Wedding First Dance is most remarkable and emotionally touching moment of the Wedding Reception.

It takes only a few lessons to create a magic moment for you and your guests. Therefore, start your preparation today in order to feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor 

First dance lessons

In just a few private lessons, you will master the basic moves
of an elegant Ballroom Dances that match beautifully your song. 
Just bring your favorite song and get started. Flexible schedule.
Lessons are 45 min long.

we offer:

First Dance Lessons

Father and Daughter Dance Lessons 

Mother and Son Dance Lessons 

Lessons for Parents’ Dance

Bridal Party Dance Lessons


you can continue with single private lesson
(pay as you go) or with any of discounted wedding dance packages most
suitable for you.

 Have a great time learning together!



You will be AMAZING!


In a Hurry? Just a Few Days before the Wedding? 

No Problem!

In just in a couple of lessons we’ll get you
ready for the Wedding First Dance.
A few basic dance moves will make
you look good on the dance floor

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